1. RECRO warrants remanufactured automatic transmission against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 12/24 months or 50 0000/100 000 km, whichever comes first. Warranty period varies depending on model. The warranty doesn’t cover a mechatronic unit electronic part (ECU/TCM) as well as other electrical components such as the speed sensor, selector lever position sensor etc.
  2. The warranty belongs to the person or enterprise whose name is printed on the warranty. If the vehicle is sold to another person, they must inform SIA “RECRO” by e-mail: within 7 days.
  3. This warranty does not cover towing charges, rental vehicles, fluids, inconvenience, loss of time, commercial loss, property damage, personal injury, or any other incidental or consequential loss or damage.
  4. This warranty does NOT cover damage caused by:
  • Overfilled, low, lack of, or wrong lubricant (oil)
  • Contamination caused by water, glycol/anti-freeze, sand, salt or any other foreign debris
  • Engine software manipulations such as increased engine power (chip tuning, etc.)                           
  • Transmission has been abused, neglected, improperly maintained (see the requirements for maintenance), damaged in an accident, modified, or damaged due to the operation of parts or items not furnished with the transmission
  • Improper transmission installation, ignoring OEMs and SIA “Recro” recommendations
  • Malfunctioning unit control accessories, including, but not limited to, electronic control modules, sensors, wiring, ABS systems, that may affect the proper operation of the product
  • Failures caused by defective external parts including, but not limited to, coolers, cooling fan, cooling components, dual mass fly wheel, motor or transmission mounts, worn or misaligned driveshaft components
  • Applications such as towing may cause a change in warranty time-period

5. We are not responsible for damage due to the natural wear and tear of installed parts during the time of use.

6. If RECRO determines that the transmission requires replacement, you must return the alleged defect before you can receive the replacement.

7. The warranty work will be performed either at the RECRO factory or by another selected vendor. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to pay for such work and, in writing, submit a claim with the alleged defective parts shipped prepaid to RECRO for its review and sole determination.

8. The customer will be responsible for shipment and subject to the limitations and conditions of this warranty.

9. No benefits or remedies are available under this limited warranty while the invoice for the unit or related services remains outstanding.

10. This warranty will end after the expiration of time from the date of the original invoice. Any repairs or replacements will not extend the warranty. The buyer will be responsible for all defects thereafter, regardless of the cause.

11. Customer and RECRO agree that the RECRO’s price is based on this warranty.

Requirements for remanufactured automatic transmission maintenance:

  • Visual check of the car and regular oil level check
  • Keep the cooling system in good working condition
  • Transmission maintenance must be handled at SIA “RECRO” or any other authorised service place
  • Next oil change after 60 000 km
  • In the case of observing a transmission malfunction or oil leak, contact SIA “RECRO” on +371 65 508 999 first or
  • Any unauthorised removal or repairs will void the warranty. Customer must notify RECRO prior to any transmission repairs. Call +371 65 508 999 or write to

Warranty assistance is not provided if one of the above-named points has not been observed and does not support transmission repair at SIA “RECRO”.


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